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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Colleen Officer

Colleen OfficerColleen Officer has more than 20 years of experience in sales, training, facilitating, consulting, coaching, and selection, to include development and implementation of selection system design, team-based strategic planning, coaching, 360-feedback and development planning. Colleen has worked with over 100 different organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. She has been involved in developing residential sales certification programs for private bankers, conducting extensive competency studies in a variety of industries, extensive management coaching based on expert interpretation of 360° feedback instruments for utilities, and the development and delivery of Facilitating Team-based Strategic Planning across the country for the American Management Association.

Her behavior based interviewing workshops and career development programs have proven to be very effective in a variety of settings and have become an essential part of the hiring and development process in a number of clients.

One of Colleen’s strengths is the breadth of her experience. She has worked in a variety of industries including financial institutions, utilities, manufacturing, insurance, consumer products, federal and state agencies, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.  Her ability to meet the unique requirements of a broad spectrum of clients has proven to be a key to her continued success.

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