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The Assessment Source

Human Resource Management and Employment Assessment Tools

Assessment Test Solutions from The Assessment Source help organizations succeed


We have learned from many years of experience that the key to an organization’s success is its people. They drive the business and enable the organization to attain its business objectives. A primary goal for The Assessment Source, Inc. is to help you more effectively select, develop, and manage people who have the potential to fill critical roles at all organizational levels. The science behind our assessment tests offers objective data for use in decision-making to help ensure that the right people are placed in the right jobs to improve business performance.

 Assessment Tests in Action


Our trained Customer Service Representatives learn about our clients, their organization, and their current challenges. Then they work with the client to ensure the proper use of our relevant and reliable management tools and provide support to the organization as they seek to improve their business performance.

We have developed assessment tests inspired by the needs of our clients and created for use in business settings. These will work for your particular business situation by measuring the total person and delving below surface impressions to help you understand how each individual will perform on the job.

Unlike some of our competitor’s products, the informative results from our assessment tests are presented in business language rather than psychological jargon; they require no interpretation by the user. The reader can easily understand the report, whether reading about what to expect from the individual at work, how to coach them for greater effectiveness, or how to conduct effective interviews.

Our easy-to-use products have demonstrated valuable effectiveness for our clients time and time again. They are based on many years of research in employment assessments and utilize a unique approach designed to maximize their value in making decisions about people.

 An Assessment Test in Use


As an example, the Assessment XT assessment is engineered to help the client conduct studies with their own information and personnel to create customized Job Match Patterns. These Job Match Patterns are then used to help identify candidates who will be effective in each position.

As a candidate scores outside of the Job Match Pattern established by the company for a given position, their Job Match Percent will decrease. At the same time, the assessment will provide relevant, professionally developed interview questions that will help even an inexperienced interviewer to make better decisions about an effective placement for the candidate. The further outside of the Job Match Pattern, the more interview questions are provided.

 Assessment Test Development


The Assessment Source assessments, services, and solutions are solidly backed by research and tested through many years of working with large and small clients worldwide. The Assessment Source’s product research does not stop at the release of a new product. Assessment tests are continually validated. Our practices and industry expertise help our clients achieve measurable performance improvements that boost the bottom line.

Our professionals develop products working with real-world businesses. We have a database of the results for several hundred thousand assessments administered to individuals in a wide range of businesses and industries. The availability of this large, representative sample of the working population allows us to monitor the impact of such demographics as age, gender, and ethnicity.

The Assessment Source’s objective is to create effective products while maintaining the highest standards for the assessment industry. We are active in professional organizations such as the Association of Test Publishers (a founding member), the American Psychological Society, and the British Psychological Society. The Assessment Source’s research and development division utilizes industry experts and consultants that support clients internationally with assessment tools and services in eighteen languages.

Our products are developed to conform to the guidelines provided by such agencies and organizations as the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Labor. They meet or exceed all thirteen of the U.S. Department of Labor’s criteria as presented in Testing and Assessment: An Employer’s Guide to Good Practices. (link to DOL page)

Executive’s Guide to Assessments

Executive’s Guide to Assessments

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